Another Girl Another Planet

April 20, 2010

Hey all,

Welcome to my new blog.  I have just moved to the United States from London – 7 weeks and I’m still here. I am located in Brooklyn which is a complete and utter culture shock, sometimes I feel like I’m on another planet.  So far I have had a packet of crisps thrown at my neck by a guy on an F train platform, don’t know why but he looked like he should have been in hospital. I have experienced the most incredible kindness from people we have made friends with and how polite are New Yorkers? So polite, sorry don’t care what anyone says – I have been offered a seat on various subway lines by a cross section of new yorkers whilst traveling with my 5 year old: listen, this would NEVER happen in London. I love it here.  I do have some frustrations (later), but I love the attitude, the can do mentality and I love the ‘I know someone who knows someone who can help’ We don’t have that in the UK – we are too suspicious of one another.

I’ll be back soon.